Museu Exploratório UNICAMP

Projeto desenvolvido para participação do Concurso Internacional Museu Exploratório de Ciências UNICAMP

ANO: 2009

LOCALIZAÇÃO: Campinas, Brasil


ARQUITETURA: Petterson Dantas, Mário Rúbio, Carlos Ubarana


This proposal to Exploratory Science Museum was designed to turn it a landmark in UNICAMP Campus and a cultural reference of great symbolic value for the city. The development of the architectural project aimed a careful adaptation to the environment, maintaining the original topography of the land, valorizing the landscape and integrating existent buildings. Its program, which includes exhibition spaces, rooms for classes and experiments, technical and administrative sectors, was interpreted in a way to balance the autonomy and integration of spaces.

The dynamic and interactive character of the contemporary museum led to the design a versatile space
with open floor plant. With technology support, the exhibition space allows the development of different kind of exhibition designs, by adding or removing partitions. The result of the project was the creation of a building with modulated plant, zenith illumination and multiple possibilities of ways. The architecture of the museum can offer different experiences to its visitors, according to the strategies adopted to use its space.